You have passion. You’re a dreamer, a do-er and a leader.

You’re also human, and with that comes self-doubt, self-sabotage and behaviour patterns that get you stopped.

You’re stuck, burnt out and overwhelmed. Your big dreams and bright ideas have been shelved. Tired of spinning your wheels and not sure which path to take.

You’re in the right place, love.


What would be different if those obstacles that keep you stuck were removed?

Where would you be if you kept moving forward despite the fear you might feel?

It’s time to start living life on purposere-connect with your true self and share your gifts with the world. Transform your relationship to your Self, light that fire of self-love and allow it to spill over into all other areas of your life.



What will you create?


Deeper connections and more meaningful relationships?

A career you love?

A healthier, happier you?

A harmonious home full of love, respect, and support?

Fun, playfulness and joy?

I partner with fabulous, soulful working women, like you, to clarify your dreams and fast track your goal of living a life on purpose – your purpose. We remove obstacles that might get in the way like time, money and fear, creating clear steps to take action to move you forward.

Or are you still wondering who I am?

Sometimes life has a way of taking you down an unexpected path, coaching with Sheila helped me find the path that I wanted to be on. Coaching got me out of a rut; I now look at the world through a different lens. I feel stronger, more confident and empowered both personally and professionally. I have confidence in who I am and what I bring to the table. I feel strength in being able to let the past go and continue in the direction that comes from my heart and brings joy. I’m reconnecting with the person I want to be!
Jennifer Lazenby

Executive Director, Volunteer Cowichan

Throughout our coaching relationship, I was able to plot out varying levels of goals I am in pursuit of and benefited by creating honest personal reflections, creating time for self-care and personal growth, and developed accountability to create structures allowing me to see my goals to fruition. We would identify personal blocks and create support for overcoming or moving forward in the goals….which could then be applied to the larger scale of my life and personal relationships.

If you’re considering hiring Sheila I say, you are the main star of your life, why not have someone on your team who is utterly and completely focused on helping you develop your inner rockstar, movie star, boss babe, world-class, industry-leading, fantastic potential-filled you?

Samantha Caissie