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“You Are A Confident Leader”

You’re here for a reason…

  • You feel overworked, overwhelmed and underappreciated
  • You want to thrive but you feel stuck in survival mode, spread thin and running on fumes
  • There’s never enough time and you’re constantly stressed
  • You feel like you’re spinning your wheels and not moving ahead, procrastination is common in your world
  • Despite all you’ve accomplished you don’t feel confident
  • You’re here because you know you have a lot to give and you’re capable of thriving but not sure how to overcome your self sabotaging behaviours and see yourself as the confident leader that you are.
Success Coaching


 “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

We all have a dream, a vision for our lives and this world that are bigger than ourselves. It’s big, inspiring and steeped in possibility. When you allow yourself to reflect on it or share it you’re moved and inspired. 

Your outer reality starts with your inner thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

To make the ambitious change you wish to see in the world, you must first start with creating a transformation inside yourself.


You are a leader ready to ‘up your game’ and create and live your one precious life on purpose. Leaders, whether that means you’re an top ranking executive, community leader, business owner or a parent, require an extra level of care and support behind them to continue to create the level of success they desire. When we continue to do the same thing, nothing changes. 

Leadership coaching will get you out of your comfort zone and on the path to achieving the goals that matter most to you. 

leadership coaching 

  • Step into your rediscovered confidence
  • Create boundaries from a place of empowered self worth
  • Bust up imposter syndrome, the feeling that you’re never good enough
  • Start running your business instead of having it run you
  • Release your inner procrastinator and get into intentional action
  • Quiet your inner critic so you can move forward from your best self
  • Get clear on what you REALLY, TRULY want and create a road map to get there
  • Have wild success and fulfillment!

Starting this fall…

My personal coaching journey with Sheila helped me see how my mindset has created so much anxiety, made me ‘hustle’ for and chase ‘success’ and self-worth, and made me seek external validation. These things led to constant overwhelm…and a LACK of success. A lack of contentment. And burnout. Sheila helped guide me through some rough waters.
It’s such a relief now to allow and receive the gift of self-awareness, and to get crystal clear about goals, milestones, and actions that I want to achieve. I finally see and feel how to be fulfilled and live from my essence, my true-self. It feels great.

Chris Wilkinson

Independent Associate, Isagenix

Sometimes life has a way of taking you down an unexpected path, coaching with Sheila helped me find the path that I wanted to be on. Coaching got me out of a rut; I now look at the world through a different lens. I feel stronger, more confident and empowered both personally and professionally. I have confidence in who I am and what I bring to the table. I feel strength in being able to let the past go and continue in the direction that comes from my heart and brings joy. I’m reconnecting with the person I want to be!

Jennifer Lazenby

Executive Director, Volunteer Cowichan

Throughout our coaching relationship, I was able to plot out varying levels of goals I am in pursuit of and benefited by creating honest personal reflections, creating time for self-care and personal growth, and developed accountability to create structures allowing me to see my goals to fruition. We would identify personal blocks and create support for overcoming or moving forward in the goals….which could then be applied to the larger scale of my life and personal relationships.

If you’re considering hiring Sheila I say, you are the main star of your life, why not have someone on your team who is utterly and completely focused on helping you develop your inner rockstar, movie star, boss babe, world-class, industry-leading, fantastic potential-filled you?

Samantha Caissie

Massage Therapist, Samantha Caissie RMT

Download your Free Life Balance Assessment Tool to see where you’re in and out of balance in different areas of your life and tips for how to get back into the sweet spot. You can’t build success on a rocky foundation, right?!

You’re here because you know you have a lot to give and you’re capable of thriving but not sure how to overcome your self sabotaging behaviours and see yourself as the confident leader that you are.