I’m on a mission to infuse possibility into every heart on the planet, along with the confidence to pursue that possibility.


Hi, I’m Sheila.

I’ve been called Pure Possibility, Calming Presence and Sassy Queen.

I’m blessed to have married my high school sweetheart and become a mother to two energetic girls. We live on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, Canada where we both grew up. I play baseball on a family team, love sailing, being on the ocean, camping and a ripping it up at a good dance party!



Confidence isn’t a destination. It’s a ever evolving journey.

I’m no stranger to chasing my purpose. My professional dream started out as owning a restaurant, I love food and I love being of service to others – a perfect fit! 

After 8 years of working in various roles in restaurants and hotels I realized I wasn’t fulfilled, there was something missing for me. I saw my co-workers juggling their family and work lives, living for the weekends and ‘doing their time’ until they could retire. I was right in the middle of the phenomenon called the “Rat Race”.

“There’s got to be more to life” was a thought that ran through my head. 

I changed industries, hoping it would provide more of that je ne sais quoi feeling I couldn’t describe and now call fulfillment. It was good for a time as it was shiny and new (and it was outdoor adventure tourism which is pretty awesome!), but eventually it wore off too. It wasn’t long after that I heard the term Life Coach as a job description. I was intrigued and looked into what that meant right away. What the heck is life coaching?


Confidence isn’t acquired by reading books or contemplating, it’s cultivated by doing the thing.




Once I learned there was a job that focused on supporting people to create and achieve purposeful goals, my mind was blown! This is what I had been looking for, but didn’t know it. Ten years later, I have my own business, set my own hours that suit me and my young family and absolutely love that I get to serve people in a way that feels natural and fulfilling for me. 

I get to be the Possibility Sherpa that travels alongside amazing people on their journey to finding purpose and fulfillment. 


– Our Vision –

Imagine a world where all humans believe in themselves and do what they love.

This transformation results in successful businesses from the heart, solid, fulfilling relationships and children who are loved

and raised to believe in themselves.


This is why I do what I do.


Professional Certified Coach