Coaching Program

I’m so excited to share that coaching is coming back in full force in my life!

At the beginning of the year, I took stock of my life and asked myself “what am I doing here?” Coaching had been on the back burner for the past few years while I’ve been working full time in hospitality and took a maternity leave to raise my sweet little girl (who’s now 2!) I realized that I had been living my life by circumstance instead of by intention, waiting for something to happen, instead of taking steps to make something happen.

Shortly after this realization, I was serendipitously re-introduced to an ontological coaching program, Accomplishment Coaching. After an agonizing week and a half going back and forth over the pros and cons of committing to this year long, transformational program, I signed up! My intention with registering for the program was to bring my focus back to my passion, coaching! I intend on gaining new skills, tools, and experiences to build on what I already possess, all to bring to my coaching clients.

I am in my third month and have already been on a rollercoaster of stretching and growing. I have discovered my essence (also called true or higher self), and am now more familiar with my automatic ways of being that get in the way of being my true self. With each day that goes by I gain more practice at seeing when I am getting in my own way, noticing what triggers me and hearing the negative self-talk in my head. It is just that, a practice.

What does this mean? That I can show up more powerfully in life: for my family, for my clients, and for the world. My vision is for individuals to have a solid core of self-love and well-being. That this greatness spills over, creating the space for a loving and respectful relationship. This relationship is the foundation where ‘family’ is built, creating a place for raising responsible and resilient children, unconditionally loved and supported. And then the cycle begins again.

Thank you for being with me on my journey!

With gratitude,


Strength. Purity. Sanctuary. Light. Possibility.