Mental Fitness for Owning Your Awesome and Growing Your Personal Leadership


This program is designed to ignite the force within you that has you showing up as confident, believing in yourself and owning your awesome. You will add new tools to your toolkit that you can use to enhance your leadership at work and at home.

From that place you can then create the results and impact outside of you that you truly desire and experience fulfillment for real. Yes, for real!  

This Mental Fitness program includes… 

  • Positive Intelligence™ 7 week intensive Mental Fitness Program
  • Positive Intelligence™ App 
  • 10 x 30 minute intimate group coaching calls
  • 1 x 30 minute one-on-one coaching call
  • Group chat forum for support, connection, accountability and community

Confident on the outside, doubt and overwhelm on the inside. 

I imagine you’re here for a reason.

You are a driven, ambitious, goal oriented person, usually can get what you want and look good doing it. You’re always striving for more – the next degree, certification, more clients or more money – and you are losing steam.

It feels like you’re on a hamster wheel that doesn’t stop and the next destination is ‘Burnout City’.

But you can’t tell anybody, you have to keep up the story that you have it all together. It’s lonely here. 

You keep thinking that as soon as you get that degree, those letters after your name, that promotion or earn an additional $10k per year, you will finally be successful, fulfilled and happy. But when you get there, the feeling of accomplishment lasts only a short time before you realize you’re not ‘there’ yet. 

It’s a perpetual cycle of not enoughness. Which is odd, because others perceive you to be confident, inspiring and a success. You just don’t feel it on the inside. 

If you can’t be the best at something, you just don’t bother. You believe you are only worthy when you are ‘successful’ and others think well of you. The twist in the story is that unknowingly you’ve made “success” out to be an unachievable moving target. 



Up your Joy, Confidence and Power in all areas of your life.  

We go to the gym (or have our best intentions to!) to keep our bodies healthy and fit. We start with lighter weights and move to the heavier ones as we build our muscle. 

The Positive Intelligence™ program is like going to the gym for your mind. Left to it’s own devices, your mind is running on automatic, playing limiting beliefs on repeat. Thoughts are often disempowering and downright mean, not helpful to making the difference that you want to make.

You will learn how you are sabotaging yourself and practice shifting into a positive mindset that actually serves you and your purpose. That’s where the Mental Fitness comes in. Building your self command muscle so you can switch from your hindering Saboteur mind to your helpful Positive mind.

From this new mindset, fulfillment is possible! 



Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Sheila.

 Without being conscious of it, I had attached my self worth to my achievements. How much I know, how much money I earn, how many certificates I can get. In addition to always trying to “look good”, “not rock the boat” and not having needs were all old beliefs I lived by. This didn’t leave any space for me to consider what I needed and wanted. On top of making sure everyone else was happy, I thought I needed to be Perfect. To me that meant be happy all the time, be liked by everyone even if I had to abandon who I was and chameleon myself into someone else that I thought others wanted me to be.Through self-discovery I realized that this is why I have always felt like a failure, despite the outward appearance of success.

This is not only an exhausting way to live, but I found that I was missing something – me! I’m learning how to align my worth to internal measures, not external circumstances and the happiness and approval of those around me. It’s incedibly freeing! To actually feel and get that I am enough is the sweet nectar of life! I’ve learned that being on this journey is where fulfillment lies.

Now I get to help others, like you, to step into their confidence and power and commit to having more joy and fulfillment in life. 


Duncan BC Life Coach

What to Expect





Daily Practices

15 Minutes a day of app-guided practices build your mental muscles; new neural pathways. These short exercises are designed in a way to fit your busy lifestyle and are specific to your particular ways of sabotage.


Measurable Progress

Instant feedback on your progress will motivate you to keep practicing building the 3 core muscles of mental fitness.

Weekly Focus

Weekly hour-long videos dive deeper into an experiential exploration of the weeks’ focus. You’ll be inspired and ready to take on the weekly practices to benefit from your new awareness and learnings.


Community Support

A small group of like-minded individuals will be on this journey with you and I will be your coach during the program. Research shows that accountability significantly increases your chances of success in building lasting habits.

What is Mental Fitness?

Mental Fitness is a practice that trains your brain to come from the part of you that is empowered, positive and forward focused and to minimize the amount of time you spend coming from negativity, sabotage and disempowerment.

Thousands of individuals have gone through the Positive Intelligence® Mental Fitness Program and reported a significant increase in happiness, productivity and focus. To learn more about the science behind the program, read more here.  


    “I have thoroughly enjoyed the Positive Intelligence program on both a business and personal level. I notice that I am more grounded and connected to each moment which allows more space to handle lifes situations with compassion, curiosity and a calm mind.”

     – Shaina

    This Program is for you if you…

    • are exhausted with the hustle of life and feel like you’re spinning your wheels without a direction or focus
    • want to break out of your old habits and patterns that are running your life in ‘automatic’
    • notice that your people pleasing and perfectionism ways are holding you back
    • want to experience more joy, fulfillment and freedom in your life
    • desire a deeper relationship with yourself and others
    • hear the whispers that there’s more out there for you, and you’re not sure where to start
    • want to quiet your inner critic, those doubts and fears that keep you stuck
    • are ready to stop settling for mediocre
    • know you’re not expanding into your full potential and you want to



    “With Sheila’s assistance, I’ve been able to refocus the lens on my life, helping to achieve a better balance between my personal and professional life. She has provided me with a better perspective of my potential and helped me build a practical roadmap of how to actually achieve success.” 

     – Kathy C.

    I got you! 

    • I am a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and have over 9 years and 1000 hours of coaching experience with individuals, groups and teams.

    • I trained to be a coach with a year long, rigourous world class coach training program and continued to be a team leader and mentor coach with their leadership program for an additional 3 years.

    • I left the corporate world (twice!) to do what I love and am now a successful entrepreneur – that took grit and courage.

    • My past clients have included successful small business owners and entrepreneurs, other coaches, international government managers, environmental activists, leaders of teams and many more.

    • I’m a Mom, which is the hardest, most rewarding and human role I could ever be in.

    • I’m not afraid to call people on their BS (with love) and will say what needs to be said.


    Professional Coach

    Sheila helped me navigate through different tools that increased my self awareness, confidence and possibility for greatness. She guides people to discover who they really are, and how to believe and honor themselves fully.

    – Dennyse H.

    What you can expect to walk away with…

    • A deeper relationship with your Self
    • Increased confidence
    • New habitual ways of being that contribute to you having an awesome life
    • Tools, tricks and exercises that you can use again and again
    •  So much Personal Power! 
    • A knowing that you are awesome
    • All the tangible results that come with owning your awesome: deeper relationships, healthy boundaries, more ‘me time’, improved health and wellbeing, more efficient and effective at work….and on and on. You can have it all!

    $800* when paid in full


    2 payments of $400*

    *plus applicable taxes


    To keep group sizes small, seating is limited. Apply now to save yours!

    Still have questions or are not sure if this is for you?

    Book a 15 minute consult call and we’ll figure it out together.