Grow your Mental Fitness Muscles to Increase your Positive Intelligence® and

Up your Confidence, Power, and Joy in all areas of your life.

Do you feel like a lack of confidence might be at the root of your stress and overwhelm?

I imagine…

                      • A lack of belief in yourself, your abilities or your goals keeps you up at night while you ruminate on how you’re unable to reach the level of fulfillment and freedom you truly desire. 
                      • You put yourself last and as a result experience stress, overwhelm and burnout.
                      • You have loose, or no boundaries and give away your time and money in areas that don’t serve you leaving you resentful. 
                      • You aren’t earning the income you really want and deserve



It is possible to move forward with confidence! 

Whatever your particular flavours of self sabotage are, being aware of how you are sabotaging yourself and shifting into a positive mindset that actually serves you and your purpose, can create all the difference in your confidence, success and happiness!  

Here’s how the 7 week program works: 

Daily Practices

15 Minutes a day of app-guided practices build your mental muscles; new neural pathways. These short exercises are designed in a way to fit your busy lifestyle and are specific to your particular ways of sabotage.


Measurable Progress

Instant feedback on your progress will motivate you to keep practicing building the 3 core muscles of mental fitness.

Weekly Focus

Weekly hour-long videos dive deeper into an experiential exploration of the weeks’ focus. You’ll be inspired and ready to take on the weekly practices to benefit from your new awareness and learnings.


Community Support

A small group of like-minded individuals will be on this journey with you and I will be your coach during the program.  Research shows that accountability significantly increases your chances of success in building lasting habits.

What is Mental Fitness?

Mental Fitness is a practice that trains your brain to come from the part of you that is empowered, positive and forward focused and to minimize the amount of time you spend coming from negativity, sabotage and disempowerment.

Thousands of individuals have gone through the Positive Intelligence® Mental Fitness Program and reported a significant increase in happiness, productivity and focus. To learn more about the science behind the program, read more here.  






Curious about who your saboteurs are?


Take the online assessment to discover those parts of you that are sabotaging your well being, relationship and success.


With a positive mindset and healthy personal power it’s possible to…

  • Get paid what you’re worth 
  • Be distinct from your competition
  • Walk into networking groups and have others drawn to you
  • Set and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Ask for the business 
  • Speak your mind
  • Create more clients and earn more money!
  • Own your Awesome!


If you’re ready to grow your Positive Intelligence® through mental fitness, get on the waitlist now and get your confidence on!  No payment required upfront. We will reach out with the next program start date. Programs run five times per year. 

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