We See You

Mom guilt, financial strain, a marriage that feels more like friends without benefits. There’s chaos everywhere and you feel like you’re failing at just about everything.

This is just the life of a Modern Mom, no?

NO! There is so much more for you as a mother, as a woman, as a divine creature meant to experience all life has to offer, regardless of the chaos of parenting.

True satisfaction and delicious fulfillment are available to all mothers, starting today.

And we say it requires more than bubble baths, wine and Amazon shopping sprees, which are lovely but are often band-aid solutions for bullet-wounds.

Your fulfillment matters. You matter. We get it, you want to create a life you don’t need to escape from. Not a perfect life, but a life that feels as though it is perfectly unfolding for you and for your family. A life where your needs are met, exceeded, and fully satisfied. A life where you’re teaching your kids how to create a life fully expressed and fully lived.

This mastermind is for you if…

You’re tired of being on the treadmill of the motherload and know there is something more for you. It’s for you if you’re looking for a community of women who want the same. If you’re up for disrupting the status quo and getting you some delicious self-momma love, this is the place for you.

Sign up today to receive two live coaching calls each month on topics designed for moms, by two moms and professional coaches, walking the walk. A Facebook group for you to connect, get supported and be in a community of like-minded, like-hearted moms. Resources for all the stages of your growth and development. One year commitment to yourself to really make lasting changes.

Learn long lasting, life changing self care.

What do you get with your membership?

Facilitated Mastermind Calls

2x 60 minute online mastermind calls each month led by professional coaches

Members Only Facebook Group

Full access for support and connection

Resources - Yay!

Books, exercises and tools for your toolkit for every stage of your journey

2 payment options: annual membership for $500 + GST or monthly payment of $45 GST

Calls are one the first and third Wednesday of each month at 11:00am PST