Hi, I'm Sheila!

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Out of high school I wanted to own my own restaurant. I completed a Hotel & Restaurant Management diploma program and enjoyed taking big chances in the hospitality industry including heading to  New Zealand for 4 months for a co-op work term. After working in hospitality I realized that I was passionate about being of service to others, but I no longer dreamed of having my own restaurant.


This realization, and my love of being in nature, led me to take an outdoor adventure certificate program. Upon completion of the program I started working on Tall Ships taking grade 8 school groups out for 5 days at a time, teaching them how to sail and about the wonders of the West Coast. This was a very rewarding job which turned into starting an adventure program with some of my colleagues.


While creating this company it was mentioned that we could add value to our services by offering Life Coaching. Well a fateful day that was! I had never heard of a life coach and immediately started researching what a life coach does. That was it! The calling that had been niggling in the back of my mind.


I wanted to be of service to others by being a life coach! 

As soon as I was able I signed up for a life coaching certification program and haven’t looked back. The joy I feel when clients have an ‘aha’ moment; a new perspective they couldn’t see before is what my dreams are made of.



Our little family ♥

Proud to be name Most Inspirational Female of our softball tournament. My sister was awarded MVP female!

We love being in nature

Enough about me. What about you?

What direction has your life taken you?

Where do you want to be?

What lights you up; puts a great big smile on your face; has you feeling free?


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