Coaching With Sheila

What is coaching and is it for me?

Let me help you answer those questions with a complimentary info session! The purpose of this 30 minute session is for you to have an opportunity to ask me specific questions about coaching, get to know my coaching style and to determine if coaching with me is your next best step. Get in touch with me to get started!

Coaching packages are based on a monthly investment with a commitment of six or twelve months. This allows us to find our groove and really build momentum to get you where you want to be. Together we can decide which package is best for you and what you are creating.

Monthly coaching includes:

  • 4 x 60┬áminute one-on-one coaching sessions in person, over the phone or via skype or zoom
  • Maximum of 4 express sessions over the phone throughout the month; for those times that you need a little extra support outside of our scheduled appointment time
  • Unlimited email correspondence

Additional sessions are available to add for clients who are already enrolled in a coaching program, or who I have worked with in the past.


In just a few sessions I learned how to gain clarity and recognize obstacles that have inhibited me from setting goals and accomplishing them. I realized how capable I am of change just by setting aside the time to sit down and devote my entire attention and curiosity to my life and dreams.

Carly G

Sheila was great because I had a million ideas/plans but was having trouble streamlining them. She provided the tools to help me set realistic goals without getting completely overwhelmed.

Gill P