It’s been 10 whole years since I took my first coaching program and started working with clients! I can hardly believe that this much time has passed.

To celebrate, I want to share 10 tips, for 10 years of wisdom learned through being a coach, entrepreneur and Mom, all rolled into the one package that is me. It was a challenge to keep it to only 10 points, and these are what spoke to me as most important.

I hope that some of these tips inspire you to be your confident self and thrive in your business and in your life.


      1. We get confidence from doing “the thing”. Confidence isn’t going to come jumping in our laps.

      2. The best laid plans often get messed up (much to my dismay!) but it always works out for the best. From hindsight there’s always a “ah…that’s why        this didn’t work out, it’s way better THIS way!”

3. Multitasking is not the key to success, or a super power, as I previously thought. Being intentional and focused are the real super powers.

4. Going for your dreams isn’t always skipping in the wildflowers with a big smile on your face. It can be messy-crying under your covers…so make        sure your dream is worth all the tears!

5. Listen to your body. There’s a hell-of-a-lotta wisdom in there and it’s an excellent compass and companion when you’re tuned in.

6. It’s ok to ask for what you want, just because you want it. It’s not selfish, you don’t need to justify. You are allowed to have wants and needs and get        them met.

7. Practice makes progress. Perfection is a sham that only slows down the process and makes you feel shitty along the way.

8. Being in touch with your heart isn’t actually a waste of time, ridiculous or weird. Love is all there is, and life is MUCH simpler when coming from         your heart.

9. Big dreams require big structures – that is things set up to hold you accountable so that when the going gets tough, and you are messy-crying under your covers, it won’t take you long to get back to it.

10. Self care is actually the foundation to creating an awesome life. Hustling for worth, perfection, people pleasing, are not.