Confidence Course

Are you excited about your business but feel weak at the knees when it comes to sharing what you do and creating new clients?

Wondering where your confidence went? Or maybe you’re thinking “confidence, what’s that?!”


Do you feel small, like you’re shrinking yourself to make sure you’re not seen or noticed out there in the world?

Even though, ironically, you want to help others by growing your business. 



Maybe You…

  •  Quote prices lower than you want to be paid to potential clients.
  • Give waaay more than was agreed upon in your contracts.
  • Don’t speak up for yourself, or your business when you feel like you are being taken advantage of or a client wants something that’s outside of your scope of offerings.
  • Don’t ask for the sale, creating awkward and bumpy connections that end in a “great to meet you and maybe I’ll see you again sometime” instead of a new client.


Whatever your particular flavours are, you know there’s got to be a better way to build your business and you just aren’t sure where to start.

You know that you have something to offer, a bigger purpose.

You want that feeling of fulfillment, satisfaction and purpose at the end of your day, every day! You want to be able to walk into a networking meeting knowing you’re awesome, have a valuable offering and are ready to connect. Not clinging to the wall hoping no one speaks to you while you attempt to lower your heart rate and pump yourself up! You want potential clients to be attracted to you and your offerings over your competition with that “je ne sais quoi” you exude.


If only you were more confident you would be getting paid what you deserve, sharing about your offerings everywhere and feeling so much more peace and ease in growing your business. 


I too used to shrink back and be quiet instead of sharing my opinions or thoughts at work or even in group settings. I was the one who would eat the meal I didn’t order at the restaurant because I didn’t want to tell the server they made a mistake. This trickled over into my newly launched coaching practice where I would deeply discount my rates and adjust my offerings just to please potential clients and feel safe in not having to assert myself. Over time I have learned to step into my confidence, speak up for myself and value the skills and abilities I have. Now I have a successful business that I love! I charge the rates I set and maintain boundaries that are in alignment with my business vision (and everywhere else too!).  I confidently connect in networking meetings and share my opinions whether I think others will agree or not. 

I want for you to feel this confidence, strength and certainty too and have it contribute to a successful and thriving business you love!


This 7 week course will give you what you need to up your confidence, wherever it’s at right now. Confidence is a key ingredient in building a strong foundation for a successful business. 

Walk away from this course with a roadmap to the confident you, plus practices and actions to put into place right now

With more confidence it’s          possible to:

  • Charge what you’re worth
  • Be distinct from your competition
  • Walk into networking groups and have others drawn to you
  • Set and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Ask for the business 
  • Create more clients and earn more money!
  • Own your Awesome!


If you’re ready to own your awesome and have a successful business that you love, get on the waitlist now and get your confidence on! No payment required upfront. We will reach out when the course is launched. 

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