Wellness Gift


Please click here to download your 28 Day Wellness Tracker.

My hope is that this becomes a structure that supports you to fill your wellness cup as a regular way of life, allowing you to flourish in all areas. ♥

Be well!


  1. Create a list of all the things you would be doing on a regular basis if your well-being was fully and completely taken care of and rock solid.
  2. Add these to the tracker.
  3. Keep this tracker somewhere that you will see it every day.
  4. At the end of the day tick off all of the items you did, and at the end of the month, tally your score.
  5. Notice which items were low, what might you need to put in place to have you complete them more often?

Special Notes:

  • this is not a “to-do list”
  • this is not to be used as a “beating tool” to make yourself wrong, please don’t use it as one
  • it is to be used as a noticing tool and structure to support putting your wellness first

Please connect with me if you have any questions!