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Look no further for your workshop facilitator!

Below are tried and true workshops I have facilitated to groups and organizations with great success.

I work with small, medium or large groups and will customize my workshops to meet your groups’ unique needs and goals. Please contact me to discuss details and for any requests you may have.


The 3 Pillars for Personal Leadership

This three hour, interactive workshop is for both current and emerging leaders who want to grow their self awareness and ultimately, their impact. We have a greater chance of creating the impact we desire in the world when we start with a solid foundation: personal leadership. This session enables participants to reflect on where they are in their leadership journey, create clarity around where they would like to go and provides tools to support them along the way. In a simple and easy to follow format, we will discover the 3 pillars to personal leadership: Vision, Mindset and Well-being.


Through this workshop participants will:

  • Explore Leadership Bias and uncover which biases are operating might be hindering their leadership development.  
  • Learn the three pillars of Personal Leadership: Vision, Mindset and Well-being
  • Create an outcome and a measurable goal that aligns with their desired leadership path
  • Discover their top saboteurs and learn how to build their self command so the saboteurs aren’t running the show
  • Explore what well-being means to them and where they are currently putting their energy
  • Create a personalized well-being plan

Power Tools for Leadership, and Life!

This three hour workshop will introduce you to the dynamic world of coaching and give you a hands-on experience of powerful tools to apply to the projects in your life, allowing you to achieve results beyond what you currently believe are possible.

Get a chance to experience the results of that training in person and discover the impact it can have on your own life. This is your chance to take coaching for a test drive and create your own real RESULTS.

Discover your essence, uncover your life purpose and create your desired goals from this empowered place. 

Mental Fitness for Resilience and Joy

When you’re not mentally fit, you feel mental stress – anxiety, frustration, or unhappiness – as you handle work and relationship challenges. The bad news is that 80% of people score below the minimum level of mental fitness required for peak performance and happiness.The great news? With recent breakthroughs in neuroscience and technology, you can now improve your mental fitness significantly within 6 weeks of practice. During this session, you’ll get a sneak peek at what’s standing in your own way of peak performance and happiness and how to begin to move forward.

During this workshop you will gain insight on:

  • The 10 most common ways we self-sabotage and which way is yours.
  • The neuroscience of happiness & peak performance and 10-second techniques to activate your “right” mind.
  • How you generate your own stress, and how you can generate peace of mind instead (even in the midst of great challenges).
  • The “Three Gifts Technique” and how to use it to convert failures and setbacks into gifts and opportunities.
  • The mental muscle that gives top performers their edge, and how you can grow it with a few minutes of daily practice.

This session is based on the Positive Intelligence work of Shirzad Chamine, a New York Times Bestselling author, Stanford lecturer, and coach to hundreds of CEOs and executive teams.

Well-Being: The Foundation for Success

45 minute – 2 hour session

Our society prides itself on productivity and doing. Pushing past our limits and charging on whether we’re hurt, tired or stressed. This not only causes damage to our bodies, physically, but it also hurts productivity, creativity and resourcefulness. Studies show that when our well-being is taken care of, we are happier, more productive and have greater impact. 

 In this workshop you will:

  • Explore well-being and what it means
  • See the gaps in your wellness
  • Find out where you have been putting your energy and see if it’s working
  • Create a personalized well-being plan to support your projects in life

Sheila facilitated an “Executive Director’s Team Bonding” event for the Oceanside Women’s Business Network Executive Team.

It was a huge success, a lot of fun and made us more aware of how to interact with people of different personalities to create more meaningful working relationships.

The Executive had such a fabulous experience, we asked Sheila to facilitate a similar evening for our 50+ Members at our monthly dinner meeting, which was equally successful and a highlight of the year!

Debbie Wilder

President, Oceanside Women's Business Network & RODAN + FIELDS - life changing SKINCARE consultant

We were absolutely thrilled to have Coach Sheila lead our group in a Fearless Public Speaking Workshop. 

With her thoughtful delivery style, Coach Sheila totally delivered the workshop I expected. Providing an interactive format that included practical tips and tools participants were able to begin using right away to increase their confidence when speaking. And yes, we also had a ton of fun in the process.

Anne-Marie Koeppen

Co-Chair, Networking for Non-Profit